Old Remedies For Colds And The Flu

The flu and common cold are widely considered to be common illnesses. They often share symptoms, including congestion, headaches, and a runny nose. However, other symptoms are more often seen with the flu, such as fever and chills. Congestion is the most common with a cold. Other warning signs of these illnesses are nausea, vomiting, and a sore throat. Many individuals assume that these illnesses are nothing to be concerned about since they are so common. However, this is not the case. Severe cases of the flu, for instance, can compromise an individual’s respiratory system and even cause pneumonia. Even the common cold can be quite harsh, and some patients may discover that they end up with a sinus infection.

This is why cold and flu treatments are essential. There is an array of cold and flu medicine for adults as well as children. Cold and flu cough syrup is common, as is a decongestant for colds. Patients who are concerned about pneumonia are encouraged to undergo breathing treatment for the flu. Severe cold and flu cases often make patients reliant on medication, such as acetaminophen. However, there are options for homeopathic flu medication and other old remedies. Engaging in these may reduce the reliance on invasive cold and flu cures.

Chicken Noodle Soup

Hydration is a vital part of curing the common cold and flu. It is supposed to help get rid of congestion by loosening mucus, relieve dehydration caused by vomiting, and settle the stomach, among other potential benefits. Individuals also need to eat food, although when they are sick, most feel like doing anything but that. This is precisely why one of the oldest and most well-known remedies for the common cold and flu is homemade chicken noodle soup. 

Many soups and other foods can irritate the stomach even more, which is why many patients do not want to eat anything. However, they will have to force something down. Thankfully, chicken noodle soup does not normally cause additional nausea. Also, the sodium content is supposed to help replenish electrolytes that patients will have lost due to vomiting.

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Sinus congestion can make is quite difficult for individuals to breathe. It may even feel like they are never going to breathe clearly again. Unfortunately, this symptom is very common in a cold and may also appear alongside the flu. However, one of the oldest remedies out there intended to relieve this congestion is the use of steam.

Most individuals dealing with congestion due to the common cold or flu would heat water and take a hot bath. This is supposed to allow steam to get into their nostrils and loosen up the mucus and relieve congestion. Unfortunately, a bath is not the most effective method of doing this, since the temperature can cool quite quickly.  Patients may have a better chance at success if they try a hot shower or leaning over a bowl of steam.

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Another older remedy for the common cold and flu is eating some garlic. Although it was not known at the time, the reason garlic was effective seems to because it acts as a natural antiviral. It is also said to benefit the immune system and may help flush the body of certain toxins. Some individuals claim it has helped them get rid of congestion in the past as well. 

Unfortunately, however, garlic is quite pungent. It may be too strong for some individuals to consume. Eating raw garlic is supposed to be the most effective, but it is also the most pungent. Even boiling cloves of garlic and drinking the water is not particularly pleasant. However, individuals with a cold or the flu must take what they can get.

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Everyone with the common cold or the flu needs to keep drinking fluids if they want to recover. Even if they do not feel like doing so, they have to give their body the best possible chance. However, just drinking water is not enough. A beverage such as tea, one of the oldest beverages in the world, contains additional ingredients that are supposed to help relieve the severe symptoms of the flu and common cold. This includes congestion and nausea.

However, patients cannot drink any type of tea. Teas that contain caffeine, such as black teas, can be dehydrating and irritate the stomach further. Instead, patients must stick to herbal teas. These are not supposed to contain caffeine and most of them are calming. Many doctors will recommend starting with chamomile or peppermint tea. Echinacea tea may have natural antiviral properties, which would explain why it is considered an old remedy. These teas may taste boring to some patients, but getting over a cold should be worth it.

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Many individuals suffering from the flu have to deal with severe nausea and even vomiting. Their stomach is upset and this not easy to handle. Patients may even experience dehydration as a result of their vomiting. This is why they will often resort to anti-nausea medication to get even a little relief. However, there is an old remedy for nausea and vomiting. This is eating some ginger to calm the stomach down. It is not clear why ginger has been shown to help with this, but in many cases it does. Patients must be aware, however, that eating fresh ginger can be fairly spicy and may surprise their digestive system. Easing into ginger to calm their stomach is a better option, even if it may take more time this way. They should, therefore, try drinking some ginger tea instead of eating raw and fresh ginger alone.

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