What Old-Fashioned Spices Help Arthritis?

Most types of arthritis should have similar symptoms. They seem to include joint pain and stiffness the most frequently. Patients may also deal with joint swelling, redness, and a decreased range of motion. Arthritis may be the result of joint cartilage breakdown. An immune system attack may trigger some types of arthritis. 

Patients may have a few different options to treat arthritis. These individuals may find that some medication for joint pain is helpful. Acupuncture for rheumatoid arthritis also seems to be beneficial. Physical therapy for arthritis may be another option. It appears as if anyone can experience joint pain relief, even with natural remedies for arthritis. Supplements for joints are among the natural options, along with spices for arthritis.


Turmeric seems to be reasonably popular in Indian and Asian cuisine. Some individuals consider this spice as the main reason for curries being yellow. Turmeric may contain compounds called curcuminoids. These should have an anti-inflammatory effect, which is why turmeric can benefit arthritis patients. It appears that patients with rheumatoid arthritis and other forms related to the immune system may benefit the most from this spice. 

These compounds may also block certain enzymes that increase inflammation in the body. If this happens, patients can see less inflammation and less joint pain as a result. Thus, individuals with arthritis should consider consuming a fair amount of turmeric on a regular basis.

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Garlic may be strong in flavor, but it also appears to have medicinal properties. Some of the compounds found in garlic should help reduce the white blood cells that cause inflammation. Thus, symptoms related to arthritis should improve as inflammation lessens. 

Some evidence seems to indicate that patients with autoimmune forms of arthritis can benefit the most. This is because of the claim that the cytokines garlic affects appear to be what causes the immune system to attack healthy joint tissue. They may also reduce how much prostaglandins the body produces, which can influence inflammation. Thus, many individuals may be able to benefit from eating garlic regularly for arthritis.

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Many individuals may consider cinnamon a popular spice, since it looks like it is common in baking. It may also be used more often during the autumn or the holiday season. It also seems to be a natural anti-inflammatory. Cinnamaldehyde may be the active ingredient that is responsible for this. This ingredient should stop the body from releasing proteins and other substances that cause inflammation. 

Cinnamon appears to work in other ways for arthritis patients too. This spice may contain the antioxidants that help balance free radicals. Free radicals may cause joint tissue damage. As some individuals know, inflammation may follow this damage in arthritis. If free radicals are balanced, individuals should have less inflammation.

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Black Pepper

Black pepper contains piperine, which may help individuals dealing with arthritis. This seems to be because the compound can lower some pro-inflammatory mediators in the body. If these are lowered, individuals should not experience as much inflammation. 

Piperine may also get rid of inflammatory cells in joint cartilage. This inflammation may not allow the cartilage to protect and lubricate the joints. This may be part of the reason why individuals with arthritis experience joint pain. Black pepper also appears to have the potential to reduce the sensitivity of pain receptors. Thus, they may not register as much pain even if individuals still have arthritis.

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Ginger may be an old remedy for nausea and potentially other digestive symptoms. However, some evidence appears to claim that individuals with arthritis may also benefit from this spice. It may make the symptoms milder. This may be due to a couple of the compounds that ginger contains. One example appears to be gingerol. This compound may prevent chemicals in the body from triggering joint pain as well as swelling. 

Ginger also appears to contain chemicals that the body can combine and transform into salicylic acid. This acid may benefit patients too. It seems to be because it stops nerves from producing hormone-like compounds that can trigger joint pain.

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