Natural Ways To Manage ADHD

Many children struggle with paying attention every so often. However, sometimes this can go to the extreme. In these cases, children can be diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This is the most common mental condition, particularly related to learning, seen in children. Besides the issues with paying attention and not following directions, children with ADHD will often daydream. Hyperactivity symptoms include being unable to play quietly, not sitting still, talking excessively, and not waiting for their turn. Although this condition often goes away, it is also possible for adults to suffer from ADHD. Adults will also deal with mood swings, chronic boredom, severe disorganization, as well as impulsive behavior.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can be difficult to treat. There is ADHD medication for teens and children available, as well as options for adults. Clinical mental health counseling is also recommended, particularly for attention deficiency in adults. Some doctors will also recommend supplements for a hyperactive child. Of course, there is more to managing ADHD than just medication.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise is an essential part of managing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder naturally, especially in children. It will not, however, fully treat the condition on its own. Some studies have indicated children with ADHD can perform better in school, such as a test or just in classes, after even only 20 minutes of exercise.

The reason exercising regularly helps children with ADHD is not because it forces them to exhaust themselves to get their hyperactivity out. Exercise has long been known to boost the release of essential hormones. The release of these hormones helps improve focus for a while after the child is finished exercising. Even individuals without a condition like ADHD focus better after getting physically active.

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Get Enough Sleep

A lack of sleep makes symptoms of ADHD even worse for children. Although adults tend to slow down when they are fatigued, this is not the case for children. Instead, children will become hyperactive and more prone to extreme shifts in their mood because they are tired. This is especially intense in children with ADHD who are already hyperactive. In addition to this, reports indicate a lack of sleep can make other treatments for this condition, including medication, less effective.

Children need to get between 8 and 10 hours of sleep every night. Adults need 7 to 9 hours a night. If there are still issues with ADHD, experts note an extra 30 minutes of sleep can help reduce tantrums and other issues.

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Eat More Often

Healthy individuals can experience energy crashes during the day if they are not making smart dietary decisions. This includes eating unhealthy food, such as items that are high in refined sugars, as well as eating only 3 large meals in a day. Eating only 3 meals a day has a significant impact on children with ADHD as well.  In addition to the energy spikes and crashes, these children will also be more irritable and will pay even less attention to others. 

Parents can help their children avoid this by packing a higher number of snacks in their lunch and changing when they eat at home. Ultimately, eating less food at one time is better for children with ADHD. Of course, they will need smaller meals and snacks more often to compensate for this. This will not cure ADHD, but it can help keep the child’s mood and energy more level.

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Keep Organized With Smaller Tasks

Children and adults with ADHD both have issues with completing tasks. In many cases, this is due to a lack of organization. Of course, it can be quite difficult for someone with ADHD to stay organized in the first place. Thus, it is vital to break tasks down into smaller ones.

For example, parents should not tell a child with ADHD to clean their room. Instead, they should ask them to pick up their toys or put their clothes in a laundry basket. These small tasks are easier for children to manage. This logic applies to homework assignments as well. Even separating homework into different subjects is helpful for children with ADHD. It may even help to break it down into individual questions within each assignment. Adults will need to work on staying organized and keeping their tasks small on their own.

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Behavioral Therapy

Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder often have severe difficulties with expressing their feelings and developing appropriate behaviors. This can be quite disruptive for other individuals in their life, including their peers, teachers, parents, and siblings. It is clear that throwing tantrums, interrupting others, and being quite hyperactive are iconic behaviors in ADHD.

Behavioral therapy can help reduce these negative behaviors in children and replace them with healthy ones. There is general behavioral therapy available, but parents would be best off if they found a therapist who specializes in handling children with ADHD. Thus, these children can better express themselves and manage their behavior.

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